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Calling all Vendors!

The 9th Annual Union County Heritage Festival will be held on September 17th at the Agriculture and Events Center in Monroe, NC. Join us for a fun filled family focused day!

We are seeking vendors and exhibitors in the following categories: arts and crafts, natural products, garden, farm and agricultural, cultural and community, nature and science, health and fitness, and recycling and conservation.

Indoor and outdoor booth spaces are available. Vendor booth fees are $25 for outdoor spaces, and $50 or $60 for indoor booths. Non-profit booth fees are free for an outdoor booth, and $25 or $35 for indoor booths. After August 1st all fees increase by $25. Applications are available here.

The day begins at 8 a.m. with the Wild Turkey 5K Trail Run and Walk, with sign up options for the On-site 5K or Run Anywhere 5K. Proceeds benefit the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. The Heritage Festival features a vendor fair, exhibitors, food trucks, live entertainment, kids creative and educational activities, raffle prizes, and free talks and cooking demonstrations. Heritage Festival guests will also enjoy the 4-H Expo going on simultaneously featuring club displays, a horse show, livestock show, rabbit and poultry shows, a bake off, safety demonstrations, and a talent showcase.

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