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Union County EMG Teaching Garden

Herb Spiral

What is an Herb Spiral?

An Herb Spiral is a highly productive and energy efficient, vertical garden design. Plants can be stacked horizontally AND vertically to maximize space. It’s a practical and attractive solution for urban gardeners.


An herb spiral is typically 5’- 6.5’ wide in diameter at the base and rises 3’- 4’. Too wide and the average gardener couldn’t reach the plants. The center of the spiral is at the highest point. The spiral ramp provides a planting area large enough to fit in all your common culinary herbs.  It is similar to a garden bed, but winds around itself. The soil slopes down from the top or core of the spiral and is held in place by rocks, tiles, bricks, or wood. This design allows for high sunlight capture, efficient use of space maximizing edges. Place taller herbs to shade others as needed.

Wind and water are factors as taller herbs can be used to shelter others while herbs needing the most moisture are placed in the lower levels. Owing to receiving more shade, the lowest plants also lose the least water to solar evaporation.


Herbal Spiral Plant List



Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor'


In bloom

Common Thyme

Thymus vulgaris



Origanum vulgare



Rosmarinus officinalis 'Tuscan Blue'



Anethum graveolens

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