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2023 Heritage Festival
Schedule of Events

Cultural event, outdoor educational event, entertainment event Union County Heritage Festival


  6:45  SEC Registration and Race Bag Pick Up Wild Turkey 5K 

  8:00  START 2023 Wild Turkey 5K Trail Run and Walk

  9:00  Greenhouse 5K Winners Announced

  9:00  OPEN the 10th Annual Union County Heritage Festival

  9:00  Ballroom B Heritage Raffle begins

  9:00  Children's Garden Face Painting

  9:15  Greenhouse 2023 Wild Turkey 5K Logo Winner Announcement

  9:30  Main Stage Hollow Oak Project -Bluegrass

10:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts

10:00  Ballroom B Dance Class - Jazz

10:00  Pavilion StoryTime in the Garden

10:00  Kid's Corral Fairy House Building Contest Begins

10:30  Timber Frame Shed UC History Talks circa 1760

11:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts

11:00  Ballroom B Dance Class - Lyrical

11:00  Main Stage Southern Songwriters Association

11:00  Kid's Corral Nature Bingo

11:30  Pavilion Garden Talks, Create a Butterfly Garden 

12:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts

12:00  Ballroom B Dance Class – Hip Hop

12:15  Ballroom B First Round Raffle Items Announced

12:30  Ballroom B B-Rad the Kid's Magician

12:30  Pavilion Garden Talks, Why is Soil Testing So Important?

  1:00  Children's Garden Balloon Animals

  1:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts

  1:00  Ballroom B Dance Class - Jazz 

  1:00  Kid's Corral Nature Bingo

  1:15  Ballroom B Second Round Raffle Items Announced  

  1:30  Main Stage Be Famous Dancers Performance

  1:30  Pavilion Garden Talks, What is Lasagna Gardening? 

  1:30  Timber Frame Shed UC History Talks circa 1840

  2:00  Main Stage DeJaVu Jazz Trio

  2:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts 

  2:00  Ballroom B Dance Class - Lyrical

  2:00  Pavilion StoryTime in the Garden

  2:00  Kid's Corral Nature Bingo

  2:00  Kid's Corral Fairy House Building Contest Ends

  2:15  Ballroom B Third Round Raffle Items Announced 

  2:30  Pavilion Garden Talks, How to Become a Master Gardener

  2:30  Timber Frame Shed UC History Talks circa 1910

  3:00  Magpie Tent Garden Tour starts

  3:00  Ballroom B Dance Class – Hip Hop

  3:15  Ballroom B Final Raffle and Silent Auction Winners Announced

  4:00  CLOSE the 2023 Festival THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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